What is it?

Ultrafunk organic one is a portable and dedicated high fidelity stereo monitoring system for keyboard players.

Unique features

Both units were designed from the ground up to provide keyboardists with the same quality of on stage monitoring that is usually reserved for other musicians like guitar and bass players.

The top and subwoofer were split into separate components allowing them to be more easily positioned, and both can be used independently. When they are combined, their total output is enough to be used as a PA system in smaller venues.


The unique design of the enclosure and the placement of the two speakers inside enables it to output stereo sound from a single unit, and because of the slits in the front, sides and top, it has a very wide arc (almost 180 degrees) of full range playback.

On the front panel, four rotating knobs allows easy control over volume and tone (low/bass, mid and high), and it also has clearly visible indicator LED's for power, signal, temp and limit.

The organic one is pre-programmed with 4 presets that allows fast switching between full-range (top), full-range (top + sub), organ (top) and organ (top + sub). The two organ presets are specifically tailored to emulate the sonic qualities of a rotating speaker cabinet when used with any digital tonewheel organ.

Subwoofer (optional)

The sub is built with the same sturdy construction used in the top, and it contains a single 12" woofer driver with a bass reflex port in the back. If extra power is needed, more subs can be linked.

Technical specifications - Top

Size and weight:     52cm width, 34cm height, 51cm depth, 23kg.
Output:     Class-D DSP controlled amplifier. 2 x 8" coaxial full range speakers, continuous power handling: 500W, nominal power handling (AES): 250W.
Control panel:     Indicator LED's for power, signal, temp and limit, volume control, tone control for low, mid, high (-12dB to +12dB), preset selector button and indicator LED's for the active preset (1 - 4).
Connectors:     Stereo input (XLR/TRS) with mono link, direct stereo output (XLR), sub mono out (XLR), power in (powerCON), power link (powerCON).

Technical specifications - Subwoofer

Size and weight:     52cm width, 38cm height, 51cm depth, 24.3kg.
Output:     Class-D amplifier. 12" LF driver, continuous power handling: 700W, nominal power handling (AES): 350W.
Connectors:     Mono input (XLR/TRS), sub mono out (XLR), power in (powerCON), power link (powerCON), indicator LED's for power, signal, temp and limit.

Availability and pricing

This information will be announced at a later date, all specifications listed on this page are preliminary prototype model 1 (M1) data and is subject to change without notice.